OP12-L062: Modern Smart Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet


Product Description

Original novel ship design, blend of white and red, simple lines, make this elegant kitchen cabinet become of the love of many young people.

Kitchen Furniture – Kitchen Cabinet – OP12-L062
Red Kitchen Cabinet
Acoording to E1 environmental protection standard
Lacquer Series

Kitchen Cabinet Countertop:
1) Solid Surface
2) Edge: YTR13
3) Thickness(mm): 20
4) Matched Material: can be matched with OPPEIN imported Acrylic Series from Japan
Note: 38mm or 60mm thick countertop is underlaid by aluminum transverse, thickness is 26mm or 48mm; Others by solid surface block.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Material:
1) Matched Door Finish: Flashing Lacquer (WBMK414), High Gloss Lacquer (WBMK122)
2) Door Base Material: MDF
3) Door Style: J-35 J-T
Note: Straight edges all around and uniform arch.

kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity has included all necessary hardware such as drawer slides, knobs, handles, hinges and shelf pins (local) specific brands, such as Blum, Hettich.


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