Assembly of Single Kitchen

Hereby we give a brief introduction of the jointing parts that are used for assembling the kitchen cabinet ,including the barbed nuts , the joint screws and the cam.

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8 steps to choose kitchen cabinet

Are you puzzled with various kind styles when choosing kitchen cabinet? After glanced over products, maybe you would feel their style, color and material look like the same. But for really inner quality, you should learn how to distinguish as follow 8 steps:

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Tips for Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

1. Color tolerance of solid wood door panel

Solid wood door panel was made of natural wood processed by more than 20 processes. One kind of natural wood can be classified into heartwood and sapwood、springwood and summerwood、cross-sawn wood and flat-sawn wood. Each wood has different color and grain, so it was unavoidable for the color difference of door panels. We can assure the color in same set of door panels will be almost the same, but a little different from the small samples displayed in store.

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Usage and Maintenance of Kitchen Cabinets

1. Countertop made of artificial stone

Check countertop regularly. Do not put irrelevant or easy-dyeing articles on the countertop; do not expose it to sunlight for a long period.

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